It's Not What You Think

If you've ever experience the horrible feeling of remorse after missing deadlines, over spending when you should have saved, emotional eating, or the pressure of procrastination when you should be plowing forward then this course is for you!

We've been taught that discipline is only self control by forcing obedience but, there are othe aspects of discipline that allow us to Get It Done!

Through this course discover the freedom of discipline and how to organize your thoughts life to get things done!


The Freedom Of Discipline

Do you struggle with procrastination and following through on your goals? Putting things off until the last minute does not have to be a part of your story. It's possible to not only follow through but, maintain your motivation as you alleviate stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the size of your goals. In this training Coach, Ronda provides keys to living a disciplined lifestyle to safeguard your future success!